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Julianne Hough Announces Return to ‘Dancing with the Stars’ as Fourth Judge

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It’s official, Julianne Hough will serve as the fourth judge on “Dancing with the Stars”. She joins regular judges, Carrie Ann Inaba, Bruno Tonioli, and Len Goodman, for the upcoming nineteenth season. The former “DWTS” pro dancer announced it on “Good Morning America”.

The “Footloose” actress said it was “the right time and the right kind of opportunity” for her to return to the dancing competition. “Dancing with the Stars has always been a part of my family,” the blonde beauty explained. “That’s where it all began for me, so it just kind of made sense.”

When asked if she would be biased against her brother Derek Hough who is currently serving as a pro member on “DWTS”, she said, “I think that’s a very valid question. It’s going to be how it was when I guest-judged. It’s not necessarily about Derek and the pro dancer, it’s about the collaboration, the team effort, and what they’re doing as a partnership, and really the celebrity can do to improve each week.”… – See more at:

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Photos/News/Video: Julianne on in SELF magazine

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Julianne is featured on the March issue of SELF magazine. Check out photos, excerpts, and video from the interview. Scans (and more updates) to come soon!

• 007 x SELF Magazine Photos
• 083 x SELF Magazine Outtakes: Screencaps


Get Fit Like Our March Coverstar! Julianne Hough’s Three Key Toners

We’re so excited to have Julianne Hough on our March 2014 cover! Not only is the actress loving life more than ever since we last checked in with her, she’s also busier than ever. Whether she’s hosting dinner parties, dancing or just enjoying time to herself, Hough is always working on being happier. One thing she’s got in the bag, though? That seriously sexy figure. Hough shared three of her top toning tricks with us — try and see if you can copy her get-fit moves at home!

Vary Ab Moves: I alternate 20 jackknives with other sit-ups: bicycles, side crunches and sit-ups where my feet are touching but my knees are open.
Get Armed: I love triceps dips — you can do them anywhere: on a bench, the stairs, the couch. I do 25 with both feet on the ground, then 25 with my right foot on my left knee, 25 with two feet on the ground again and 25 with my left foot on my right knee.
Be Productive: I don’t watch a lot of TV, and when I do, I don’t feel like I’m accomplishing much. So at the same time, I’ll do butt lifts or leg lifts. Or I’ll do maybe 200 sit-ups during Dancing With the Stars. When I’m shooting a movie, if I’m not in a scene, I’ll squat and do inner leg pulses until the director yells, “Cut!”


Interview Excerpts:
Be Single for a year. “I’m a relationship girl, and I feel so grateful for the ones I’ve been in. They’ve been excellent—I’ve been hurt but never angry—and they’ve helped me grow to be who I am today. But my goal has been to be single for an entire year. There have been moments when I’m like, ‘This sucks!’ But my dad used to say to me, ‘When you feel happy with who you are, you won’t need anybody to fill a void.’ So for now, I’m focusing on my work and my soul. I honestly don’t care if I meet somebody or not. I’m just loving life on my own with my own two feet on the ground.

Take a great selfie. “Get the Camera+ app, set it to night exposure, take the picture 20,000 times and use the Instagram Mayfair filter.”

Work a dinner party. “My signature cocktail: a spicy, skinny margarita. It’s tequila, soda, lime, agave, jalapeños and whole raspberries to give it a little girliness.”

Indulge guilt free. “Eating is an experience for me. It’s like, This might be my last meal, so I better have everything on the menu! I love a really good Italian dinner: an artichoke salad, penne with red sauce and a margarita pizza. And then it’s fun to go to another place for dessert because it makes the moment last longer. I’m the queen of Yogurtland. I put graham crackers on the bottom, then a swirl of yogurt and then more topping, so it’s like a parfait. By the time I’m finally done, the thing costs like 12 bucks!”

Push Yourself. “People are afraid to go to the gym because they’re out of shape or they won’t try to do a marathon because they’re scared they won’t finish. But you’ve got to just go for it and keep going. I used to hate cardio because I have a little bit of asthma. But I’ve recently gotten into running. Once you pass that ‘I can’t breathe, this sucks so bad’ moment, it’s therapeutic.”

Find a Beauty Pick-me-up. “When I don’t have time to put on a lot of makeup or don’t feel like getting all dolled up, red lipstick is my go-to. Amsterdam by Nars is the one I love now.”

Just Dance. “Never be afraid to get a dance party started.”




Paradise: New Movie Clip!

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Paradise: Official Trailer

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Diablo Cody’s Directorial Debut ‘Paradise’ To Premiere On DirecTV Next Week

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Honest to blog? Diablo Cody just tweeted that “Paradise,” her directorial debut that stars Julianne Hough, Octavia Spencer, Russell Brand, Nick Offerman and Holly Hunter, wouldn’t bow theatrically in October, but rather would get its big premiere on satellite channel DirecTV next week. The tale of a young woman (Hough) who loses her faith following a horrific plane crash (she’s badly burned) and travels to Las Vegas to experience all the seediness the town has to offer, was originally scheduled for an October 18th release date but will now debut on August 8th in your living room.

Cody tweeted: “My movie PARADISE premieres on DirecTV on August 8, so plan on saying in next Thursday w/ pizza & indie.” She later tweeted, in a more Diablo Cody-ish way, “Most directors force you to LEAVE THE HOUSE to see their movie – you can watch mine naked with a bag of Mint Milanos.” She then maintained that it would still be coming to theaters in October, which is good news for anyone without the satellite provider (meaning pretty much everyone).

We are still very much looking forward to the movie, which Cody recently told USA Today was “a non-cynical movie that would inspire positivity,” especially since we’ve been waiting for Hough to really shine after a terrific supporting performance in the “Footloose” remake and an above average performance in the otherwise abysmal “Rock of Ages,” which, had the movie been better, probably would have made her a big time star. Plus, since winning the Oscar for her “Juno” screenplay, Cody has proven herself to be one of Hollywood’s most original talents (we even loved “Jennifer’s Body”). Hopefully the movie’s sneaky debut isn’t symbolic of a lack of support from the movie’s producers and distributors. We’ll find out soon enough, which is good because we need some new Cody-isms in our life (she contributed something to this spring’s “Evil Dead” remake but her hand was invisible).

“Paradise” premieres on DirecTV on August 8th, followed by a theatrical bow on October 18th.



Paradise: Poster Art Released

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The poster for Julianne’s new film Paradise written and directed by Diablo Cody was released today. Check it out here or click to enlarge below.

Some people find paradise on an island, but Julianne Hough (“Safe Haven”), Russell Brand, and Octavia Spencer find it in Las Vegas.

“Paradise” (originally titled “Lamb of God”), the directorial debut from Oscar-winning writer Diablo Cody (“Juno”), stars Hough as Lamb, a small-town religious girl. After nearly dying in an accident, Lamb gets a big insurance check and decides to start living life to the fullest. She sets out to experience the thrills of Sin City, where she learns to navigate the scene — and life — with help from new friends, played by Brand and Spencer.

“Paradise” also stars Nick Offerman and Holly Hunter.

This exclusive poster from the film shows the cast of characters looking hopeful in the luminescent Vegas lights (and Offerman is nearly unrecognizable). Check it out below and get ready for cheap cocktails and soul-searching when “Paradise” opens October 18.



Happy Birthday, Julianne!

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Today is Julianne’s birthday! Happy Birthday to our girl who turns 25 today!! Check out her birthday message here.


2009 Photo Sessions

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I added some old missing photo sessions of Julianne from 2009. They are lovely and she looks stunning as ever. Please credit if you repost.

• 035 x Photo Session – Unknown#1 (2009)
• 006 x Photo Session – Unknown#2 (2009)